CA Educ Code Section 51142


A parent involvement training course offered pursuant to this article shall include training on school governance and how parents and guardians can effectively participate in the decisionmaking process at the school and school district level. In addition, the training course shall include at least six of the following subject areas:


Home-school collaboration, including educational compacts.


Child development.


Child motivational skills.


Developing study habits.


Parent-teacher conferencing.


Gang, violence, and drug prevention in the school.


College preparation.


Children’s health and nutrition.




A school district that receives a grant pursuant to this article may provide ways to involve schoolage children in the training courses and may encourage parents to involve their schoolage children in the courses.


When developing a training course for a particular school community, a school district receiving a grant pursuant to this article shall solicit the input and participation of parents and guardians from that school community to ensure that the course offered for that school community is aligned to the needs of those parents and guardians.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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