CA Educ Code Section 44235


Fees shall be levied by the commission for the issuance and renewal of teaching and service credentials. Commencing January 1, 1987, the fee for the issuance and renewal of teaching and service credentials shall be fifty dollars ($50). In subsequent years, the commission may set a different fee, but in no case shall a fee exceed one hundred dollars ($100) without express legislative approval.


A single fee, not to exceed the charge for a single supplemental credential, shall be charged for all supplemental credentials applied for at the same time as a teaching or service credential pursuant to subdivision (a).


Subject to funds being appropriated expressly for this purpose in the annual Budget Act, fees authorized by this section shall be waived by the commission for first-time teaching credential applicants for the following credentials:


Single subject credential.


Multiple subject credential.


Special education credential.


Specialist instruction credential.


Annually, as part of the budget review process, the Department of Finance shall recommend to the Legislature an appropriate credential fee sufficient to generate revenues necessary to support the operating budget of the commission plus a prudent reserve, as determined by the Department of Finance pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 44234.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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