CA Educ Code Section 16714

The board may approve, in whole or in part, an application submitted by a school district under Section 19263 and in any amount, not exceeding the amount applied for, that the board may deem appropriate. The board may, upon approval of the application, in whole or in part, and subsequently from time to time, make a conditional apportionment or conditional apportionments not exceeding in the aggregate the total amount approved in the application of the district by the board to the applicant school district from the Urban School Construction Aid Fund for any portion or portions of the project that the board determines the district is ready to proceed with. If the board has approved an application and made an apportionment as to a portion or portions of a project, the board may approve the remaining portion or portions of the project and make an additional apportionment or apportionments as it deems appropriate. If the board determines that the actual cost is in excess of the estimated cost of the specific school plant facilities or sites for which an apportionment to a district has been made, or for which a district’s application has been approved in whole or in part pursuant to this section, the board may make an additional apportionment to the district in an amount equal to the excess even though the additional apportionment will result in the total apportionments to the district exceeding the amount of the application originally approved by the board. Approval of an application under this section shall not be construed as creating or implying any obligation, commitment or promise on the part of the board or the state to make apportionments under this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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