CA Civ Code Section 1951.7


As used in this section, “advance payment” means moneys paid to the lessor of real property as prepayment of rent, or as a deposit to secure faithful performance of the terms of the lease, or another payment that is the substantial equivalent of either of these. A payment that is not in excess of the amount of one month’s rent is not an advance payment for purposes of this section.


The notice provided by subdivision (c) is required to be given only if all of the following apply:


The lessee has made an advance payment.


The lease is terminated pursuant to Section 1951.2.


The lessee has made a request, in writing, to the lessor that he or she be given notice under subdivision (c).


Upon the initial reletting of the property, the lessor shall send a written notice to the lessee stating that the property has been relet, the name and address of the new lessee, and the length of the new lease and the amount of the rent. The notice shall be delivered to the lessee personally, or be sent by regular mail to the lessee at the address shown on the request, not later than 30 days after the new lessee takes possession of the property. Notice is not required if the amount of the rent due and unpaid at the time of termination exceeds the amount of the advance payment.
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