CA Bus & Prof Code Section 4875.3


If the board determines, as a result of its inspection of the premises pursuant to Section 4809.5, or any other place where veterinary medicine, veterinary dentistry, veterinary surgery, or the various branches thereof is practiced, or that is otherwise in the possession of a veterinarian for purpose of that practice, that it is not in compliance with the standards established by the board, the board shall provide a notice of any deficiencies and provide a reasonable time for compliance with those standards prior to commencing any further action pursuant to this article. The board may issue an interim suspension order pursuant to Section 494 in those cases where the violations represent an immediate threat to the public and animal health and safety.


A veterinarian who reviews and investigates an alleged violation pursuant to Section 4875.2 shall be licensed in or employed by the state either full time or part time and shall not have been out of practice for more than four years.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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