CA Bus & Prof Code Section 2538.11


“Practice of fitting or selling hearing aids,” as used in this article, means those practices used for the purpose of selection and adaptation of hearing aids, including direct observation of the ear, testing of hearing in connection with the fitting and selling of hearing aids, taking of ear mold impressions, fitting or sale of hearing aids, and any necessary postfitting counseling. The practice of fitting or selling hearing aids does not include the act of concluding the transaction by a retail clerk. When any audiometer or other equipment is used in the practice of fitting or selling hearing aids, it shall be kept properly calibrated and in good working condition, and the calibration of the audiometer or other equipment shall be checked at least annually.


A hearing aid dispenser shall not conduct diagnostic hearing tests when conducting tests in connection with the practice of fitting or selling hearing aids.


Hearing tests conducted pursuant to this article shall include those that are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration Guidelines for Hearing Aid Devices and those that are specifically covered in the licensing examination prepared and administered by the board.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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