CA Bus & Prof Code Section 1750.2


On and after January 1, 2010, the board may issue an orthodontic assistant permit to a person who files a completed application including a fee and provides evidence, satisfactory to the board, of all of the following eligibility requirements:


Completion of at least 12 months of work experience as a dental assistant.


Successful completion of a board-approved course in the Dental Practice Act and a board-approved, course in infection control.


Successful completion of a course in basic life support offered by an instructor approved by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association, or any other course approved by the board as equivalent.


Successful completion of a board-approved orthodontic assistant course, which may commence after the completion of six months of work experience as a dental assistant.


Passage of a written examination administered by the board after completion of all of the other requirements of this subdivision. The written examination shall encompass the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to competently perform the duties specified in Section 1750.3.


A person who holds an orthodontic assistant permit pursuant to this section shall be subject to the same continuing education requirements for registered dental assistants as established by the board pursuant to Section 1645 and the renewal requirements of Article 6 (commencing with Section 1715).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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