CA Bus & Prof Code Section 1750.1


A dental assistant may perform the following duties under the general supervision of a supervising licensed dentist:


Extra-oral duties or procedures specified by the supervising licensed dentist, provided that these duties or procedures meet the definition of a basic supportive procedure specified in Section 1750.


Operate dental radiography equipment for the purpose of oral radiography if the dental assistant has complied with the requirements of Section 1656.


Perform intraoral and extraoral photography.


A dental assistant may perform the following duties under the direct supervision of a supervising licensed dentist:


Apply nonaerosol and noncaustic topical agents.


Apply topical fluoride.


Take intraoral impressions for all nonprosthodontic appliances.


Take facebow transfers and bite registrations.


Place and remove rubber dams or other isolation devices.


Place, wedge, and remove matrices for restorative procedures.


Remove postextraction dressings after inspection of the surgical site by the supervising licensed dentist.


Perform measurements for the purposes of orthodontic treatment.


Cure restorative or orthodontic materials in operative site with a light-curing device.


Examine orthodontic appliances.


Place and remove orthodontic separators.


Remove ligature ties and archwires.


After adjustment by the dentist, examine and seat removable orthodontic appliances and deliver care instructions to the patient.


Remove periodontal dressings.


Remove sutures after inspection of the site by the dentist.


Place patient monitoring sensors.


Monitor patient sedation, limited to reading and transmitting information from the monitor display during the intraoperative phase of surgery for electrocardiogram waveform, carbon dioxide and end tidal carbon dioxide concentrations, respiratory cycle data, continuous noninvasive blood pressure data, or pulse arterial oxygen saturation measurements, for the purpose of interpretation and evaluation by a supervising licensed dentist who shall be at the patient’s chairside during this procedure.


Assist in the administration of nitrous oxide when used for analgesia or sedation. A dental assistant shall not start the administration of the gases and shall not adjust the flow of the gases unless instructed to do so by the supervising licensed dentist who shall be present at the patient’s chairside during the implementation of these instructions. This paragraph shall not be construed to prevent any person from taking appropriate action in the event of a medical emergency.


Notwithstanding subdivision (b), when operating in a school-based setting or a public health program created or administered by a federal, state, county, or local governmental entity pursuant to Sections 104762 and 104830 of the Health and Safety Code, a dental assistant may apply topical fluoride under the general direction of a licensed dentist or physician.


Under the supervision of a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice, a dental assistant may perform intraoral retraction and suctioning.


The board may specify additional allowable duties by regulation.


The duties of a dental assistant or a dental assistant holding a permit in orthodontic assisting or in dental sedation do not include any of the following procedures unless specifically allowed by law:


Diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning.


Placing, finishing, or removing permanent restorations.


Surgery or cutting on hard and soft tissue including, but not limited to, the removal of teeth and the cutting and suturing of soft tissue.


Prescribing medication.


Starting or adjusting local or general anesthesia or oral or parenteral conscious sedation, except for the administration of nitrous oxide and oxygen, whether administered alone or in combination with each other and except as otherwise provided by law.


The duties of a dental assistant are defined in subdivision (a) of Section 1750 and do not include any duty or procedure that only an orthodontic assistant permitholder, dental sedation assistant permitholder, registered dental assistant, registered dental assistant in extended functions, registered dental hygienist, or registered dental hygienist in alternative practice is allowed to perform.


This section shall become operative on January 1, 2010.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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