CA Welf & Inst Code Section 727.1


When the court orders the care, custody, and control of the minor to be under the supervision of the probation officer for foster care placement pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 727, the decision regarding choice of placement, pursuant to Section 706.6, shall be based upon selection of a safe setting that is the least restrictive or most family like, and the most appropriate setting that meets the individual needs of the minor and is available, in proximity to the parent’s home, consistent with the selection of the environment best suited to meet the minor’s special needs and best interests. The selection shall consider, in order of priority, placement with relatives, tribal members, and foster family, group care, and residential treatment pursuant to Section 7950 of the Family Code.


Unless otherwise authorized by law, the court may not order the placement of a minor who is adjudged a ward of the court on the basis that he or she is a person described by either Section 601 or 602 in a private residential facility or program that provides 24-hour supervision, outside of the state, unless the court finds, in its order of placement, that all of the following conditions are met:


In-state facilities or programs have been determined to be unavailable or inadequate to meet the needs of the minor.


The State Department of Social Services or its designee has performed initial and continuing inspection of the out-of-state residential facility or program and has either certified that the facility or program meets the greater of all licensure standards required of group homes or of short-term residential treatment centers operated in California, or that the department has granted a waiver to a specific licensing standard upon a finding that there exists no adverse impact to health and safety, pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 7911.1 of the Family Code.


The requirements of Section 7911.1 of the Family Code are met.


If, upon inspection, the probation officer of the county in which the minor is adjudged a ward of the court determines that the out-of-state facility or program is not in compliance with the standards required under paragraph (2) of subdivision (b) or has an adverse impact on the health and safety of the minor, the probation officer may temporarily remove the minor from the facility or program. The probation officer shall promptly inform the court of the minor’s removal, and shall return the minor to the court for a hearing to review the suitability of continued out-of-state placement. The probation officer shall, within one business day of removing the minor, notify the State Department of Social Services’ Compact Administrator, and, within five working days, submit a written report of the findings and actions taken.


The court shall review each of these placements for compliance with the requirements of subdivision (b) at least once every six months.


The county shall not be entitled to receive or expend any public funds for the placement of a minor in an out-of-state group home or short-term residential treatment center, unless the conditions of subdivisions (b) and (d) are met.
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