CA Welf & Inst Code Section 4639.5


By December 1 of each year, each regional center shall provide a listing to the State Department of Developmental Services a complete current salary schedule for all personnel classifications used by the regional center. The information shall be provided in a format prescribed by the department. The department shall provide this information to the public upon request. From February 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010, inclusive, the requirements of this subdivision shall not apply.


By December 1 of each year, each regional center shall report information to the department on all prior fiscal year expenditures from the regional center operations budget for all administrative services, including managerial, consultant, accounting, personnel, labor relations, and legal services, whether procured under a written contract or otherwise. Expenditures for the maintenance, repair, or purchase of equipment or property shall not be required to be reported for purposes of this subdivision. The report shall be prepared in a format prescribed by the department and shall include, at a minimum, for each recipient the amount of funds expended, the type of service, and purpose of the expenditure. The department shall provide this information to the public upon request. Regional centers shall not be required to prepare or submit the report required by this subdivision in 2009.


Beginning July 1, 2016, and to the extent funds are appropriated in the annual Budget Act for this purpose, the department shall allocate thirty-one million one hundred thousand dollars ($31,100,000), plus any associated matching funds, to provide a salary increase, benefit increase, or both, excluding unfunded retirement liabilities, for regional center operations. Of this amount, twenty-nine million seven hundred thousand dollars ($29,700,000) shall be used for salary, benefit increases, or both, for regional center staff, and shall not supplant funding currently scheduled to be used for this purpose. These funds shall not be used to provide salary or benefit increases to regional center executive staff or for unfunded retirement liabilities. The remaining one million four hundred thousand dollars ($1,400,000) shall be used for an increase for administrative costs, consistent with those specified in subdivision (b) of Section 4629.7, for both regional centers and clients’ rights advocates contracts pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 4433. Regional centers shall maintain documentation, subject to audit, on how this funding was allocated.


By March 10, 2017, and again by October 1, 2017, and in a format prescribed by the department, each regional center shall report the following information to the department:


The total amount provided to staff for purposes of subdivision (c).


The position titles of staff receiving the increase and amounts of increases by title.


The number of service coordinators receiving the increase.


Data on staff turnover.


The classification of expenditures and amount for each of the administrative costs outlined in subdivision (b) of Section 4629.7.


The allocation methodology used by a regional center to distribute the funding.


Any other information determined by the department.


In its 2017–18 May Revision fiscal estimate, the department shall describe the implementation of the increase provided in subdivision (c), including, but not limited to, the data described in subdivision (d), aggregated by regional center and statewide, and the impact of the increase on caseload ratios.


Any regional center that fails to report the information required by subdivision (d) to the department shall forfeit the increases described in subdivision (c).
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