CA Welf & Inst Code Section 324

Whenever any minor is taken into temporary custody under the provisions of this article in any county other than the county in which the minor is alleged to be within or to come within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, which county is referred to herein as the requesting county, the officer who has taken the minor into temporary custody may notify the law enforcement agency in the requesting county of the fact that the minor is in custody. When a law enforcement officer, of such requesting county files a petition pursuant to Section 332 with the clerk of the juvenile court of his respective county and secures a warrant therefrom, he shall forward said warrant, or a telegraphic copy thereof to the officer who has the minor in temporary custody as soon as possible within 48 hours, excluding Sundays and nonjudicial days, from the time said juvenile was taken into temporary custody. Thereafter an officer from said requesting county shall take custody of the minor within five days, in the county in which the minor is in temporary custody, and shall take the minor before the juvenile court judge who issued the warrant, or before some other juvenile court of the same county without unnecessary delay. If the minor is not brought before a judge of the juvenile court within the period prescribed by this section, he must be released from custody.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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