CA Welf & Inst Code Section 307.4


Any peace officer, probation officer, or social worker who takes into temporary custody pursuant to Sections 305 to 307, inclusive, a minor who comes within the description of Section 300 shall immediately inform, through the most efficient means available, the parent, guardian, or responsible relative, that the minor has been taken into protective custody and that a written statement is available which explains the parent’s or guardian’s procedural rights and the preliminary stages of the dependency investigation and hearing. The Judicial Council shall, in consultation with the County Welfare Directors Association of California, adopt a form for the written statement, which shall be in simple language and shall be printed and distributed by the county. The written statement shall be made available for distribution through all public schools, probation offices, and appropriate welfare offices. It shall include, but is not limited to, the following information:


The conditions under which the minor will be released, hearings which may be required, and the means whereby further specific information about the minor’s case and conditions of confinement may be obtained.


The rights to counsel, privileges against self-incrimination, and rights to appeal possessed by the minor, and his or her parents, guardians, or responsible relative.


If a good faith attempt was made at notification, the failure on the part of the peace officer, probation officer, or social worker to notify the parent or guardian that the written information required by subdivision (a) is available shall be considered to be due to circumstances beyond the control of the peace officer, probation officer, or social worker, and shall not be construed to permit a new defense to any juvenile or judicial proceeding or to interfere with any rights, procedures, or investigations accorded under any other law.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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