CA Welf & Inst Code Section 210.2


The Board of Corrections shall adopt regulations establishing standards for law enforcement facilities which contain lockups for adults and which are used for the temporary, secure detention of minors upon arrest under subdivision (d) of Section 207.1. The standards shall identify appropriate conditions of confinement for minors in law enforcement facilities, including standards for places within a police station or sheriff’s station where minors may be securely detained; standards regulating contact between minors and adults in custody in lockup, booking, or common areas; standards for the supervision of minors securely detained in these facilities; and any other related standard as the board deems appropriate to effectuate compliance with subdivision (d) of Section 207.1.


Every person in charge of a law enforcement facility which contains a lockup for adults and which is used in any calendar year for the secure detention of any minor shall certify annually that the facility is in conformity with the regulations adopted by the board under subdivision (a). The certification shall be endorsed by the sheriff or chief of police of the jurisdiction in which the facility is located and shall be forwarded to and maintained by the board. The board may provide forms and instructions to local jurisdictions to facilitate compliance with this requirement.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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