CA Welf & Inst Code Section 14064

A.Inpatient intensive rehabilitation hospital services shall consist of programs for: 1.Strengthening and training of selected muscle groups. 2.Preservation and restoration of joint mobility (prevention and correction of contractures). 3.Training in application and use of equipment. 4.Training in activities of daily living, self-care, locomotion and homemaking skills. 5.Cognitive reorganization and communication skills. 6.Resolution of psychological and social problems which are impeding rehabilitation. B.These programs shall use a multidiscipline approach carried out under the general or direct supervision of a physician with special training or experience in the field of rehabilitation. When medically indicated, a program of this scope includes but is not limited to: 1.Skilled rehabilitation nursing care. 2.Physical therapy. 3.Occupational therapy. 4.Speech therapy. 5.Prosthetic or orthotic services. 6.Psychologist services. 7.Medical social worker services. C.A typical program shall provide for: 1.Initial evaluation (7–10 days) for assessment of medical condition, functional limitations, possible need for surgery, attitude toward rehabilitation, functional goals and plans for discharge. 2.Where the rehabilitation potential is undetermined, the patient shall be placed on a 14-day trial program. If no improvement is noted after this period, definitive plans for discharge should be made. 3.Where the initial evaluation results in a conclusion by the rehabilitation team that a significant practical improvement can be expected in a reasonable period of time, the program should continue until such time as further progress toward the established rehabilitation goals is unlikely or it can be achieved in a less intensive setting.
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