CA Water Code Section 60343

If another public entity, or public entities, or a watermaster, or watermasters, appointed in one or more court adjudications, or any combination of the foregoing (hereafter “other regulator or regulators”) is monitoring by appropriate means the water production of substantially all water producers within the district, the board may, by resolution, indefinitely suspend the date for affixing a water-measuring device as referenced in Section 60342.
The suspension does not affect any requirements of any other regulator or regulators. The suspension may be revoked, and the date for affixing water measuring devices established, by further board resolution.
All resolutions adopted under this section shall be published in the district pursuant to Section 6006 of the Government Code. In the case of any revocation, the publication shall be completed not less than two months prior to the operative date of the revocation. In the case of any revocation, notice of the operative date shall be given by first-class mail, postage prepaid, to operators at any address of record within the district within the time required for publication, but no defect in or failure to mail the notice to any operator affects the operative date of the revocation.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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