CA Veh Code Section 4453.5


In the case of leased vehicles, the lessor and the lessee shall be shown on the registration card as the owner and the lessee of a vehicle, and the department shall designate their relationships upon the card and the ownership certificate by the words “lessor” and “lessee” and, at the election of the lessor, the department may designate thereon either the address of the lessor or the lessee.


Transfers of ownership involving vehicles registered as provided in subdivision (a) shall only be effected upon the signature release of the lessor.


The lessor shall provide the address, or the name and address, of the lessee on a form prescribed by the department in all cases where the information is not on the registration card and ownership certificate. Information received under this subdivision shall be used only for law enforcement and shall be available only to law enforcement officials at their request.


A lessor, upon written request of the lessee or, if designated in writing, the lessee’s designee, shall disclose any pertinent information regarding the amount of payment and the documents necessary to exercise any option held by the lessee to purchase the leased vehicle.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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