CA Veh Code Section 42203

Notwithstanding Section 42201 or 42201.5, 50 percent of all fines and forfeitures collected in a superior court upon conviction or upon the forfeiture of bail for violations of any provisions of the Vehicle Code, or of any local ordinance or resolution, relating to stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle, that have occurred upon the premises of facilities physically located in such county, but which are owned by another county, which other county furnishes law enforcement personnel for the premises, shall be transmitted pursuant to this section to the county which owns the facilities upon which the violations occurred. The court receiving such moneys shall, once each month, transmit such moneys received in the preceding month to the county treasurer of the county in which the court is located. Once each month in which the county treasurer receives such moneys, the county treasurer shall transmit to the county which owns such facilities an amount equal to 50 percent thereof. The county owning such facilities shall, upon receipt of such moneys from the superior court of the county in which the facilities are physically located, deposit such moneys in its county treasury for use solely in meeting traffic control and law enforcement expenses on the premises upon which the violations occurred. This section shall not apply when the county in which such facilities are located performs all law enforcement functions with respect to such facilities.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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