CA Veh Code Section 21114.5

Notwithstanding Section 21663 or any other provision of this code, local authorities may, by ordinance, authorize the operation of electric carts by physically disabled persons, by persons 50 years of age or older, or, while in the course of their employment, by employees of the United States Postal Service, state and local governmental agencies, or utility companies, on public sidewalks. Any ordinance shall, however, contain provisions requiring any disabled person or person 50 years of age or older who owns or leases an electric cart to apply to the local authority for a permit and an identification sticker to so operate the cart, and requiring the person to affix the sticker to the cart in order to operate it on the sidewalk. The permit and sticker shall become invalid if the person ceases to operate, own, or lease the cart. This section does not apply to devices described in subdivision (b) of Section 415.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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