CA Veh Code Section 1810.7


Except as provided in Sections 1806.5, 1808.2, 1808.4, 1808.5, 1808.6, 1808.7, and 1808.21, the department may authorize, by special permit, any person to access the department’s electronic database, as provided for in this section, for the purpose of obtaining information for commercial use.


The department may limit the number of permits issued under this section, and may restrict, or establish priority for, access to its files as the department deems necessary to avoid disruption of its normal operations, or as the department deems is in the best interest of the public.


The department may establish minimum volume levels, audit and security standards, and technological requirements, or any terms and conditions it deems necessary for the permits.


As a condition of issuing a permit under this section, the department shall require each direct-access permittee to file a performance bond or other financial security acceptable to the department, in an amount the department deems appropriate.


The department shall charge fees for direct-access service permits, and shall charge fees pursuant to Section 1810 for any information copied from the files.


The department shall ensure that information provided under this section includes only the public portions of records.


On and after January 1, 1992, the director shall report every three years to the Legislature on the implementation of this section. The report shall include the number and location of direct-access permittees, the volume and nature of direct-access inquiries, procedures the department has taken to ensure the security of its files, and the costs and revenues associated with the project.


The department shall establish procedures to ensure confidentiality of any records of residence addresses and mailing addresses as required by Sections 1808.21, 1808.22, 1808.45, 1808.46, and 1810.2.
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