CA Veh Code Section 1810.3


Using the information made available in the accident reports provided to the department by law enforcement agencies under Section 20012, the department may provide information consisting of the following, for each vehicle that is included in those reports:


The license plate number.


The accident report number.


Notwithstanding Section 16005, 20012, or 20014, or any other provision of law, the department may make the information available to a person who has done both of the following:


Established a commercial requester account under Section 1810.2.


Entered into an agreement described under subdivision (c).


The department shall not provide information under this section unless the person requesting the information has entered into an agreement with the department that includes the following stipulations:


The information provided may not be used for the purpose of identifying or contacting any person or for any other purpose, except as specified in paragraph (2).


The information may be used only to identify a vehicle that has been reported to be in a traffic accident.


The law enforcement agency accident report number and license plate number provided under this section shall be used only for the internal verification purposes of the business that receives the information and may not be disclosed to any party other than the department or the Department of the California Highway Patrol.


The requester agrees to investigate and promptly correct any error that is brought to its attention.


Use of the information provided under this section in violation of paragraph (1), (2), or (3) of subdivision (c) is a violation of Sections 1808.45 and 1808.46.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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