CA Pub Util Code Section 5221

Each household goods carrier maintaining an office or place of business within this State and offering intrastate service shall keep therein all books, accounts, papers, and records required by the commission to be kept within this State. No such books, accounts, papers, or records shall be at any time removed from the State except upon such conditions as the commission prescribes. Carriers performing intrastate service as household goods carriers, which do not maintain an office or place of business within this State, shall make books, accounts, papers and records pertaining to such intrastate service available to the commission at its request at a place designated within this State for examination by the commission or in the alternative reimburse the commission for the actual expense of examining such books, accounts, papers, or records at the place outside of the State where such records are kept. The commission may require annual, periodical, or special reports to be filed by all household goods carriers, prescribe the manner and form in which reports shall be made, and may require specific answers to all questions upon which the commission deems information to be necessary. The reports shall be under oath whenever the commission so requires.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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