CA Pub Util Code Section 399.26


In order for the state to meet the requirements of the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, substantially increased amounts of electricity generated by eligible renewable energy resources must be integrated with, and interconnected to, the transmission grid that is either owned by, or under the operational control of, the local publicly owned electric utilities and the transmission grid that is under the operational control of the Independent System Operator.


The Independent System Operator and the balancing authority of each area in California shall do both of the following:


Work cooperatively to integrate and interconnect eligible renewable energy resources to the transmission grid by the most efficient means possible with the goal of minimizing the impact and cost of new transmission needed to meet both reliability needs and the renewables portfolio standard procurement requirements.


Accomplish the requirements of paragraph (1) in a manner that respects the ownership, business, and dispatch models for transmission facilities owned by electrical corporations, local publicly owned electric utilities, joint powers agencies, and independent transmission companies.


The Independent System Operator shall seek any approvals from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that are necessary to accomplish the goals and requirements of this article.


In order to maintain electric service reliability and to minimize the construction of fossil fuel electrical generation capacity to support the integration of intermittent renewable electrical generation into the electrical grid, by July 1, 2011, the commission shall determine the effective load carrying capacity of wind and solar energy resources on the California electrical grid. The commission shall use those effective load carrying capacity values in establishing the contribution of wind and solar energy resources toward meeting the resource adequacy requirements established pursuant to Section 380.
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