CA Pub Util Code Section 30631


The district may acquire, construct, develop, lease, jointly develop, own, operate, maintain, control, use, jointly use, or dispose of rights-of-way, rail lines, monorails, buslines, stations, platforms, switches, yards, terminals, parking lots, air rights, land rights, development rights, entrances and exits, and any and all other facilities for, incidental to, necessary for, or convenient for rapid transit service, including, but not limited to, facilities and structures physically or functionally related to rapid transit service, within or partly without the district, underground, upon, or above the ground and under, upon, or over public street, highways, bridges, or other public ways or waterways, together with all physical structures necessary for, incidental to, or convenient for the access of persons and vehicles thereto, and may acquire, lease, sell, or otherwise contract with respect to any interest in or rights to the use or joint use of any or all of the foregoing. However, installations in state freeways are subject to the approval of the Department of Transportation and installations in other state highways are subject to Article 2 (commencing with Section 670) of Chapter 3 of Division 1 of the Streets and Highways Code.


The use of the streets, highways, freeways, and other public places by the district for any of the purposes permitted herein is presumed to be no greater burden on adjoining properties than the uses existing as of August 22, 1964. If facilities, other than state highways or freeways referred to above, (including, but not limited to, streets, highways, pipelines, sewers, water mains, storm drains, poles, communications wires, and electric transmission wires) of another public agency, of the state, or of a private owner are necessarily required to be relocated, replaced, or altered in order for the district to construct or operate its system, or if the construction or operation by the district of its system makes necessary the relocation, replacement, or alteration of any of those facilities of another public agency, of the state, or of a private owner in order to maintain the functioning of the facilities at their previous level of service, the facilities shall be relocated, replaced, or altered with reasonable promptness by the respective public corporation, state, or private owner and the district shall, by prior agreement, reimburse the public corporation, state, or private owner for the actual cost necessarily incurred in the relocation, replacement, or alteration.


The district may enter into an agreement with any city or county having jurisdiction over the street or highway involved, and, as may be provided in the agreement, may close any city street or county highway at or near the point of its interception with any district facility or may make provision for carrying the city street or county highway over or under or to a connection with the district facility and may do any and all work on the city street or county highway as is necessary therefor. No city street or county highway shall be closed, either directly or indirectly, by the construction of district facilities except pursuant to such an agreement or while temporarily necessary during the construction of district facilities if the district has first obtained a temporary street or highway closing permit.
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