CA Pub Util Code Section 3031

It is an unfair trade practice, and unlawful, for any gas corporation to do any of the following:


Interfere with, restrain, coerce, or boycott any person engaged in the production of gas within the state in the exercise of any right described in this chapter.


Discriminate against any person engaged in the production of gas within the state with respect to price, delivery, or other terms of purchase of gas by reason of membership in or contract with any association formed pursuant to this chapter.


Pay or loan money or give any thing of value as an inducement or reward for refusing or ceasing to belong to, or for breaching one’s membership agreement in, an association.


Maliciously or knowingly give false reports about the finances, management, or activities of any person subject to this chapter.


Refuse to negotiate or bargain at reasonable times and for reasonable periods of time with a genuine desire to reach agreement and a serious attempt to resolve differences with an association for price, terms of sale, terms of transportation, compensation for gas produced under contract, or any other contract provision relative to gas production represented by an association, except that nothing in this subdivision requires a gas corporation to reach agreement on price, delivery terms, transportation terms, compensation, or any other contract term.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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