CA Pub Util Code Section 279


There is hereby created the Payphone Service Providers Committee, which is an advisory board to advise the commission regarding the development, implementation, and administration of programs to educate pay phone service providers, ensure compliance with the commission’s requirements for pay phone operations, and educate consumers on matters related to pay phones, as provided for in commission Decision 90-06-018.


All revenues collected by telephone corporations in rates authorized by the commission to fund the programs specified in subdivision (a) shall be submitted to the commission pursuant to a schedule established by the commission. Commencing on October 1, 2001, and continuing thereafter, the commission shall transfer the moneys received, and all unexpended revenues collected prior to October 1, 2001, to the Controller for deposit in the Payphone Service Providers Committee Fund. All interest earned by moneys in the fund shall be deposited in the fund.


Moneys appropriated from the Payphone Service Providers Committee Fund to the commission shall be utilized exclusively by the commission for the program specified in subdivision (a), including all costs of the board and the commission associated with the administration and oversight of the program and the fund.
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