CA Pub Util Code Section 1098

Throughout the design and construction process, the corporation shall submit quarterly progress reports to the commission and the construction project board of consultants on the status of the project. The corporation shall provide complete information on any major problems and deviations in the areas for which an electrical or gas corporation is required to submit information pursuant to Section 1003 or 1003.5. The corporation shall provide the commission and the board with reports each month containing the following information for each of the major cost categories within the project and for the project as a whole:


The original estimated costs as of the time of certification.


The actual costs to date.


The percentage of the work completed to date.


The estimated costs to completion.


The costs associated with changes made by regulatory bodies to the scope or design of the project. If the actual costs to date or the estimated costs to completion for any major cost category, or the project as a whole, exceed the original estimated costs by 10 percent, the corporation shall advise the board and the commission of this fact, and provide the commission and the board with an explanation and a proposal for corrective action. The commission shall consult with the board in determining whether to order corrective action. The board shall submit quarterly reports to the commission and to the corporation if it determines that a potential for major problems exists.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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