CA Pub Res Code Section 44106


The enforcement agency shall develop a compliance schedule for a solid waste facility included in the inventory prepared pursuant to Section 44104. The compliance schedule shall ensure that diligent progress will be made to bring the solid waste facility into compliance.


Except as provided in subdivision (d), if the solid waste facility is not in compliance with the schedule established by the enforcement agency, the enforcement agency may revoke the operating permit of the solid waste facility until the violations of state minimum standards are remedied. If a closed or abandoned disposal site is not in compliance within the one-year period, the unremedied condition is prima facie evidence of negligence; and, in any action for damages against the owner of the property for injury caused by the unremedied condition, the burden of proving that the injury was not caused by the unremedied condition shall be on the owner of the property.


The enforcement agency may recover any costs incurred pursuant to this section by charging the fee authorized by Section 43213.


The enforcement agency shall refer violations of a waste discharge requirement adopted under Section 13263 of the Water Code to the appropriate regional water board.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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