CA Pub Res Code Section 25696

The commission may assist California-based energy technology and energy conservation firms to export their technologies, products, and services to international markets.
The commission may do all of the following:


Conduct a technical assistance program to help California energy companies improve export opportunities and enhance foreign buyers’ awareness of and access to energy technologies and services offered by California-based companies. Technical assistance activities may include, but are not limited to, an energy technology export information clearinghouse, a referral service, a trade lead service consulting services for financing, market evaluation, and legal counseling, and information seminars.


Perform research studies and solicit technical advice to identify international market opportunities.


Assist California energy companies to evaluate project or site-specific energy needs of international markets.


Assist California energy companies to identify and address international trade barriers restricting energy technology exports, including unfair trade practices and discriminatory trade laws.


Develop promotional materials in conjunction with California energy companies to expand energy technology exports.


Establish technical exchange programs to increase foreign buyers’ awareness of suitable energy technology uses.


Prepare equipment performance information to enhance potential export opportunities.


Coordinate activities with state, federal, and international donor agencies to take advantage of trade promotion and financial assistance efforts offered.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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