CA Pub Res Code Section 10252.5


Notwithstanding any other provision of this division and subject to subdivision (b), the director may make a grant, and disburse moneys for that grant from a source other than the fund, to an applicant for the acquisition of an agricultural conservation easement, if the director determines that the grant meets the purposes of this division and upon appropriation by the Legislature with regard to state funds from a source other than the fund.


An agricultural conservation easement that is funded by a grant issued pursuant to subdivision (a) shall meet all of the following requirements:


The primary purpose for which the easement is being sought is consistent with continuing agricultural use of the easement property.


The easement does not, and will not, substantially prevent agricultural uses on the easement property.


Any restriction on the current or reasonably foreseeable agricultural use of the easement property would only be imposed to restrict those areas of the easement property that are not in cultivation.


If the easement property has characteristics or qualities that meet the original purpose of the funding source as cultivated land, the easement property may continue to be commercially cultivated with the minimum restrictions necessary to meet the original funding source requirements.


The nonagricultural qualities that will be protected by the easement are inherent to the easement property.


The easement will require that a subsequent easement or deed restriction placed on the easement property will be subordinate to the agricultural conservation easement and require approval of the director.


(1)In enacting this provision, it is the intent of the Legislature that moneys other than those appropriated to the fund be used to provide grants to implement this section.


The Farm, Ranch, and Watershed Account is hereby established within the Soil and Conservation Fund. Moneys in that account shall be used to provide grants to implement this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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