CA Pub Cont Code Section 20115

For purposes of Section 20114, “maintenance” means routine, recurring, and usual work for the preservation, protection, and keeping of any publicly owned or publicly operated facility for its intended purposes in a safe and continually usable condition for which it was designed, improved, constructed, altered, or repaired. “Facility” means any plant, building, structure, ground facility, utility system, or real property.
This definition of “maintenance” expressly includes, but is not limited to: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, glazing, and other craftwork designed consistent with the definition set forth above to preserve the facility in a safe, efficient, and continually usable condition for which it was intended, including repairs, cleaning, and other operations on machinery and other equipment permanently attached to the building or realty as fixtures.
This definition does not include, among other types of work, janitorial or custodial services and protection of the sort provided by guards or other security forces.
It is the intent of the Legislature that this definition does not include painting, repainting, or decorating other than touchup, but instead it is the intent of the Legislature that such activities be controlled directly by the provisions of Section 20114.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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