CA Pub Cont Code Section 12102.2


Contract awards for all large-scale systems integration projects shall be based on the proposal that provides the most value-effective solution to the state’s requirements, as determined by the evaluation criteria contained in the solicitation document. Evaluation criteria for the acquisition of information technology goods and services, including systems integration, shall provide for the selection of a contractor on an objective basis not limited to cost alone.


The Department of Technology shall invite active participation, review, advice, comment, and assistance from the private sector and state agencies in developing procedures to streamline and to make the acquisition process more efficient, including, but not limited to, consideration of comprehensive statements in the request for proposals of the business needs and governmental functions, access to studies, planning documents, feasibility study reports and draft requests for proposals applicable to solicitations, minimizing the time and cost of the proposal submittal and selection process, and development of a procedure for submission and evaluation of a single proposal rather than multiple proposals.


Solicitations for acquisitions based on evaluation criteria other than cost alone shall provide that sealed cost proposals shall be submitted and that they shall be opened at a time and place designated in the solicitation for bids and proposals. Evaluation of all criteria, other than cost, shall be completed prior to the time designated for public opening of cost proposals, and the results of the completed evaluation shall be published immediately before the opening of cost proposals. The state’s contact person for administration of the solicitation shall be identified in the solicitation for bids and proposals, and that person shall execute a certificate under penalty of perjury, which shall be made a permanent part of the official contract file, that all cost proposals received by the state have been maintained sealed and under lock and key until the time cost proposals are opened.


The acquisition of hardware acquired independently of a system integration project may be made on the basis of lowest cost meeting all other specifications.


The 5 percent small business preference provided for in Chapter 6.5 (commencing with Section 14835) of Part 5.5 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code and the regulations implementing that chapter shall be accorded to all qualifying small businesses.


For all transactions formally advertised, evaluation of bidders’ proposals for the purpose of determining contract award for information technology goods shall provide for consideration of a bidder’s best financing alternatives, including lease or purchase alternatives, if any bidder so requests, not less than 30 days prior to the date of final bid submission, unless the acquiring agency can prove to the satisfaction of the Department of General Services that a particular financing alternative should not be so considered.


Acquisition authority may be delegated by the Director of General Services to any state agency that has been determined by the Department of General Services to be capable of effective use of that authority. This authority may be limited by the Department of General Services. Acquisitions conducted under delegated authority shall be reviewed by the Department of General Services on a selective basis.


To the extent practical, the solicitation documents shall provide for a contract to be written to enable acquisition of additional items to avoid essentially redundant acquisition processes when it can be determined that it is economical to do so.


Protest procedures shall be developed to provide bidders an opportunity to protest any formal, competitive acquisition conducted in accordance with this chapter. The procedures shall provide that protests must be filed no later than five working days after the issuance of an intent to award. Authority to protest may be limited to participating bidders. The Director of Technology, or a person designated by the director, may consider and decide on initial protests of bids for information technology projects conducted by the Department of Technology and telecommunications procurement made pursuant to Section 12120. The Director of the Department of General Services, or a person designated by the director, may consider and decide on initial protests of all other information technology acquisitions. A decision regarding an initial protest shall be final. If prior to the last day to protest, any bidder who has submitted an offer files a protest with the department against the awarding of the contract on the ground that his or her bid or proposal should have been selected in accordance with the selection criteria in the solicitation document, the contract shall not be awarded until either the protest has been withdrawn or the Department of General Services has made a final decision as to the action to be taken relating to the protest. Within 10 calendar days after filing a protest, the protesting bidder shall file with the Department of General Services a full and complete written statement specifying in detail the grounds of the protest and the facts in support thereof.


Consistent with the procedures established and administered by the Department of General Services, information technology goods that have been determined to be surplus to state needs shall be disposed of in a manner that will best serve the interests of the state. Procedures governing the disposal of surplus goods may include auction or transfer to local governmental entities.


A supplier may be excluded from bid processes if the supplier’s performance with respect to a previously awarded contract has been unsatisfactory, as determined by the state in accordance with established procedures that shall be maintained in the State Administrative Manual. This exclusion may not exceed 36 months for any one determination of unsatisfactory performance. Any supplier excluded in accordance with this section shall be reinstated as a qualified supplier at any time during this 36-month period, upon demonstrating to the Department of General Services’ satisfaction that the problems that resulted in the supplier’s exclusion have been corrected.
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