CA Pub Cont Code Section 12102.1


The Department of Technology shall establish in the State Administrative Manual all of the following:


Policies governing the acquisition of information technology projects.


Procedures governing the acquisition of information technology projects reportable under Chapter 4800 of the State Administrative Manual and not delegated under subdivision (e) of Section 12102.2.


Policies and procedures governing the acquisition of telecommunications goods and services, as authorized under Section 12120.


Acquisition of information technology goods and services that are subject to subdivision (a) shall be conducted through competitive means, except when the Director of Technology determines that (1) the goods and services proposed for acquisition are the only goods and services that can meet the state’s need, or (2) the goods and services are needed for an emergency and immediate acquisition and are necessary for the protection of the public health, welfare, or safety. The acquisition mode to be used and the procedure to be followed shall be approved by the Director of Technology. The Department of Technology shall establish, in the State Administrative Manual, appropriate criteria and procedures to ensure compliance with the intent of this chapter. These criteria and procedures shall include acquisition and contracting guidelines to be followed by state agencies with respect to the acquisition of information technology projects that are reportable under State Administrative Manual Section 4800 et seq. These guidelines may be in the form of standard formats or model formats.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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