CA Pub Cont Code Section 10510.6


The University of California shall follow this section in negotiating fees and executing a contract for professional consulting services of a private architectural, landscape architectural, engineering, land surveying, environmental, real property development services, or construction project management firm.


After providing notification to the successful firm of its selection, the university shall provide written instructions for the negotiations that are to follow. These instructions shall provide the private consulting firm with necessary information that shall allow the negotiations to proceed in an orderly fashion. Negotiations shall begin within 14 days after the successful firm has been notified of its selection or upon receipt of the cost proposal. The contractor should be notified if additional time is necessary to begin negotiations.


Upon the completion of negotiations, the university and the private firm shall proceed to execute a contract that the university shall complete within 45 days. The contractor should be notified if additional time is necessary to complete the contract. The university and private firm shall work together to ensure the successful delivery of the requested services in a timely fashion.


In the event an impasse is reached in negotiations, the university may terminate negotiations and enter into negotiations with the next qualified firm, in the same manner as prescribed in Section 10510.8 with respect to management services contracts.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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