California Probate Code

Sec. § 9900

If it is to the advantage of the estate and in the best interest of the interested persons, the personal representative, after authorization by order of the court obtained under this chapter and upon such terms and conditions as the court may prescribe, may do any of the following either with or without consideration:


Dedicate or convey real property of the estate for any purpose to any of the following:


This state or any public entity in this state.


The United States or any agency or instrumentality of the United States.


Dedicate or convey an easement over real property of the estate to any person for any purpose.


Convey, release, or relinquish to this state or any public entity in this state any access rights to any street, highway, or freeway from any real property of the estate.


Consent as a lienholder to a dedication, conveyance, release, or relinquishment under subdivision (a), (b), or (c) by the owner of property subject to the lien.

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