CA Penal Code Section 384d

Upon the filing of an application containing the information required by Section 384c, and the presentation of a permit or proof of ownership as required by Section 384c, the county sheriff’s office shall issue to persons who harvest or have in their possession, trees, shrubs or boughs within the county sufficient transportation tags stamped with the county seal and identified by the applicant’s timber operator permit number, if any, to enable the person transporting any of the trees, shrubs or boughs harvested within the county by the applicant to have a tag accompany each and every load of such trees, shrubs or boughs. Harvesters of trees, shrubs or boughs, when selling from stockpile location, shall furnish to the purchaser of trees, shrubs or boughs a bill of sale and a transportation tag for each load or part thereof bearing the harvester’s timber operator permit number, if any, and other information as hereinafter required. The purchaser of harvested trees, shrubs or boughs or the harvester when transporting his own trees, shrubs or boughs shall have the transportation tag validated by a peace officer in the county of purchase or harvest or by the nearest peace officer in an adjacent county when the transportation route used does not pass an office of a peace officer in the county of purchase or harvest. The validated transportation tag or tags shall remain with the load to the marketing area. The transportation tags shall be in two parts; one to be retained by the transporting party; one to be retained by the validating peace officer and forwarded to the county sheriff. The transportation tags shall be validated and in force only for the proposed date or dates of transportation as specified in the application for the transportation tags. The transportation tags will be validated without fee and each shall contain the following information: name and address of the person obtaining and using the tag; number or amount of each species of trees, shrubs and boughs in the load; make, model and license number of the transporting vehicle; the county of origin and county of destination; the specified period of time during which the transportation tag is in force; date and validating signature and title of a peace officer.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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