CA Penal Code Section 2808

The board, in the exercise of its duties, shall have all of the powers and do all of the things that the board of directors of a private corporation would do, except as specifically limited in this article, including, but not limited to, all of the following:


To enter into contracts and leases, execute leases, pledge the equipment, inventory and supplies under the control of the authority and the anticipated future receipts of any enterprise under the jurisdiction of the authority as collateral for loans, and execute other necessary instruments and documents.


To assure that all funds received by the authority are kept in commercial accounts according to standard accounting practices.


To arrange for an independent annual audit.


To review and approve the annual budget for the authority, in order to assure that the solvency of the Prison Industries Revolving Fund is maintained.


To contract to employ a general manager to serve as the chief administrative officer of the authority. The general manager shall serve at the pleasure of the chairperson. The general manager shall have wide and successful experience with a productive enterprise, and have a demonstrated appreciation of the problems associated with prison management.


To apply for and administer grants and contracts of all kinds.


To establish, notwithstanding any other provision of law, procedures governing the purchase of raw materials, component parts, and any other goods and services which may be needed by the authority or in the operation of any enterprise under its jurisdiction. Those procedures shall contain provisions for appeal to the board from any action taken in connection with them.


To establish, expand, diminish, or discontinue industrial, agricultural and service enterprises under the authority’s jurisdiction to enable it to operate as a self-supporting enterprise, to provide as much employment for inmates as is feasible, and to provide diversified work activities to minimize the impact on existing private industry in the state.


To hold public hearings pursuant to subdivision (h) to provide an opportunity for persons or organizations who may be affected to appear and present testimony concerning the plans and activities of the authority. The authority shall assure adequate public notice of those hearings. No new industrial, agricultural, or service enterprise which involves a gross annual production of more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) shall be established unless and until a hearing concerning the enterprise has been held by a committee of persons designated by the board including at least two board members. The board shall take into consideration the effect of a proposed enterprise on California industry and shall not approve the establishment of the enterprise if the board determines it would have a comprehensive and substantial adverse impact on California industry which cannot be mitigated.


To periodically determine the prices at which activities, supplies, and services shall be sold.


To report to the Legislature in writing, on or before February 1 of each year, regarding:


The financial activity and condition of each enterprise under its jurisdiction.


The plans of the board regarding any significant changes in existing operations.


The plans of the board regarding the development of new enterprises.


A breakdown, by institution, of the number of prisoners at each institution, working in enterprises under the jurisdiction of the authority, said number to indicate the number of prisoners which are not working full time.
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