CA Penal Code Section 13519.8


(1)The commission shall implement a course or courses of instruction for the regular and periodic training of law enforcement officers in the handling of high-speed vehicle pursuits and shall also develop uniform, minimum guidelines for adoption and promulgation by California law enforcement agencies for response to high-speed vehicle pursuits. The guidelines and course of instruction shall stress the importance of vehicle safety and protecting the public at all times, include a regular assessment of law enforcement’s vehicle pursuit policies, practices, and training, and recognize the need to balance the known offense and the need for immediate capture against the risks to officers and other citizens of a high-speed pursuit. These guidelines shall be a resource for each agency executive to use in the creation of a specific pursuit policy that the agency is encouraged to adopt and promulgate, and that reflects the needs of the agency, the jurisdiction it serves, and the law.


As used in this section, “law enforcement officer” includes any peace officer of a local police or sheriff’s department or the California Highway Patrol, or of any other law enforcement agency authorized by law to conduct vehicular pursuits.


The course or courses of basic training for law enforcement officers and the guidelines shall include adequate consideration of each of the following subjects:


When to initiate a pursuit.


The number of involved law enforcement units permitted.


Responsibilities of primary and secondary law enforcement units.


Driving tactics.


Helicopter assistance.




Capture of suspects.


Termination of a pursuit.


Supervisory responsibilities.


Blocking, ramming, boxing, and roadblock procedures.


Speed limits.


Interjurisdictional considerations.


Conditions of the vehicle, driver, roadway, weather, and traffic.


Hazards to uninvolved bystanders or motorists.


Reporting and postpursuit analysis.


(1)All law enforcement officers who have received their basic training before January 1, 1995, shall participate in supplementary training on high-speed vehicle pursuits, as prescribed and certified by the commission.


Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to include, as part of their advanced officer training program, periodic updates and training on high-speed vehicle pursuit. The commission shall assist where possible.


(1)The course or courses of instruction, the learning and performance objectives, the standards for the training, and the guidelines shall be developed by the commission in consultation with appropriate groups and individuals having an interest and expertise in the field of high-speed vehicle pursuits. The groups and individuals shall include, but not be limited to, law enforcement agencies, police academy instructors, subject matter experts, and members of the public.


The commission, in consultation with these groups and individuals, shall review existing training programs to determine the ways in which high-speed pursuit training may be included as part of ongoing programs.


It is the intent of the Legislature that each law enforcement agency adopt, promulgate, and require regular and periodic training consistent with an agency’s specific pursuit policy that, at a minimum, complies with the guidelines developed under subdivisions (a) and (b).
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