California Penal Code

Sec. § 13519.12


Pursuant to Section 13510, the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training shall establish training standards and develop a course of instruction that includes the criteria for the curriculum content recommended by the Curriculum Development Advisory Committee established pursuant to Section 8588.10 of the Government Code, involving the responsibilities of first responders to terrorism incidents. The course of instruction shall address the training needs of peace officers at a managerial or supervisory level and below who are assigned to field duties. The training shall be developed in consultation with the Department of Justice and other individuals knowledgeable about terrorism and address current theory, terminology, historical issues, and procedures necessary to appropriately respond to and effectively mitigate the effects of a terrorism incident. The training standards and course of instruction may, if appropriate, include coordination with emergency medical services providers that respond to an incident, tactical casualty care, and other standards of emergency care as established pursuant to Section 1799.50 of the Health and Safety Code by the Commission on Emergency Medical Services.


The commission shall expedite the delivery of this training to law enforcement through maximum use of its local and regional delivery systems.


To maximize the availability and delivery of training, the commission shall develop a course of instruction to train trainers and first responders dealing with terrorism incidents using a variety of formats.


Every police chief and sheriff, the Commissioner of the Highway Patrol, and other general law enforcement agency executives may determine the members of their agency to receive the emergency response to terrorism incidents training developed by the commission under this section. The persons to be trained may include, but are not limited to, peace officers that perform general law enforcement duties at a managerial or supervisory level or below and are assigned to field duties.


For purposes of this section, a “terrorism incident” includes, but is not limited to, an active shooter incident. An “active shooter incident” is an incident where an individual is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people.

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