CA Ins Code Section 1748

The commissioner, in any proceeding under the provisions of this article, may, by an alternative order, permit a licensee to elect in writing to pay a specified money penalty, within a specified time in lieu of a license suspension or other permitted action. If the licensee so elects, the sum of money specified shall be paid to the commissioner for the use of the State of California. The sum specified shall not exceed:


Four thousand dollars ($4,000) for each offense.


Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) in the aggregate for all offenses involved in any one proceeding.


Thirty percent of the gross commissions on insurance transacted by the licensee in the preceding calendar year.


Any amount proven, or admitted, in the proceeding to have been received and retained by the licensee in violation of this code. The commissioner shall determine the monetary penalty to be paid in any given case and in so doing shall not be limited to the selection of the penalty specified in any one of the above subdivisions, as compared with the penalty in any of the other three subdivisions, that will result in the payment by the licensee of the least amount. The amount of reimbursement the commissioner orders shall be the amount that fully reimburses the commissioner for the commissioner’s costs, or any lesser amount that the commissioner determines is the most the subject of the order can pay in the event the subject is financially unable to fully reimburse the commissioner. If a licensee fails to pay a monetary penalty or reimbursement within the time specified in the order, the commissioner, unless the order is lawfully stayed, may deny a pending application for a license, or may revoke or suspend the license of the subject of the order for a period of time as determined by the commissioner. If, for any reason, an application is denied, or a license is revoked or suspended, before the subject of the order has paid the full amount of an ordered monetary penalty or reimbursement, the balance owed shall be paid before a license may be reinstated or an application for any new license may be granted.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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