CA Health & Safety Code Section 50834


The department shall prepare a separate and discrete training manual and request for proposal for the economic development set-aside. The department shall ensure that it can respond to requests for grants as rapidly as possible. Once an economic development project award is approved by the director, a contract shall be executed and funds made available as soon as possible.


Any program income received by a city or county grantee, or any loan repayments made by a beneficiary to a grantee, may be utilized by the city or county grantee for any activity currently eligible under federal law and regulations, provided that the department determines that the beneficiary or grantee has complied reasonably with the terms and conditions described in the contract between the grantee and the department.


Any economic development set-aside of funds not encumbered for funding of a project by the end of the federal contract period shall revert to the general program and be set aside for use if approved projects for which no funds are available are pending.


The department shall conditionally commit economic development allocations to projects that meet the requirements of this chapter up front, contingent upon the applicant receiving those other funding commitments necessary to complete the project.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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