CA Health & Safety Code Section 50464

The department may:


Make investigations of housing and community development in California.


Call conferences of representatives of all levels of government, industry, and private groups, to discuss housing and community development problems of California.


Investigate and report upon substandard housing and the problems resulting therefrom and the work being done to remedy such conditions.


Study the operation and enforcement of housing, building, zoning, and subdivision laws and regulations, of housing finance, taxes, redevelopment programs and public housing projects, as related to housing and community development.


Examine the records of housing authorities and redevelopment agencies, and secure from them reports and copies of their records at any time.


Promote the formation of organizations intended to increase the supply of adequate housing and the proper living environment for all the people of the state.


With the Department of Transportation, investigate and report upon the consistency between state, local, and federal housing plans and programs and state, local, and federal transportation plans and programs.
Last Updated

Aug. 19, 2023

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