CA Health & Safety Code Section 39027.3


“Bidirectional control” means the capability of a diagnostic tool to send messages on the data (bus) that temporarily overrides the module’s control over a sensor or actuator and gives control to the diagnostic tool operator. Bidirectional controls do not create permanent changes to engine or component calibrations.


“Covered person” means any person engaged in the business of service or repair of motor vehicles who is licensed or registered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, pursuant to Section 9884.6 of the Business and Professions Code, to conduct that business, or who is engaged in the manufacture or remanufacture of emissions-related motor vehicle parts for those motor vehicles.


“Data stream information” means information that originates within the vehicle by a module or intelligent sensors including, but not limited to, a sensor that contains and is controlled by its own module and transmitted between a network of modules and intelligent sensors connected in parallel with either one or two communication wires. The information is broadcast over communication wires for use by other modules such as chassis or transmissions to conduct normal vehicle operation or for use by diagnostic tools. Data stream information does not include engine calibration-related information.


“Emissions-related motor vehicle information” means information regarding any of the following:


Any original equipment system, component, or part that controls emissions.


Any original equipment system, component, or part associated with the powertrain system including, but not limited to, the fuel system and ignition system.


Any original equipment system or component that is likely to impact emissions, including, but not limited to, the transmission system.


“Emissions-related motor vehicle part” means any direct replacement automotive part or any automotive part certified by executive order of the state board that may affect emissions from a motor vehicle, including replacement parts, consolidated parts, rebuilt parts, remanufactured parts, add-on parts, modified parts, and specialty parts.


“Enhanced data stream information” means data stream information that is specific for an original equipment manufacturer’s brand of tools and equipment.


“Enhanced diagnostic tool” means a diagnostic tool that is specific to the original equipment manufacturer’s vehicles.
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