CA Health & Safety Code Section 34285


The governing body of a city or county may call upon the residents in a housing project to form a project committee comprised of persons who for at least six months have been residents in the project, and which is considered representative by the governing body. The members of the committee shall serve without compensation.


The authority, through its staff, shall upon the direction and approval of the governing body consult with and obtain the advice of the project committee concerning matters which affect the residents of the project. The provisions of this subdivision shall apply for a one-year period after the formation of the project committee, subject to one-year extensions by the governing body.


Minutes of all the meetings of the authority with the project committee, which meetings shall be open and public, together with a record of all the information presented to the project committee by the authority or by the project committee for the authority for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this section, shall be maintained by the authority. Such minutes and records shall be open to public inspection and a summary of such records shall be included in a report to the governing body submitted by the authority.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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