CA Health & Safety Code Section 25299.104


The minimum amount that the board may loan an applicant is ten thousand dollars ($10,000), and the maximum amount that the board may loan an applicant is seven hundred fifty thousand dollars ($750,000).


The term of the loan shall be for a maximum of 20 years if secured by real property, and for 10 years if not secured by real property. The interest rate for loans shall be set at the rate equal to one-half of the most recent general obligation bond rate obtained by the office of the Treasurer at the time of the loan commitment.


Loan funds may be used to finance up to 100 percent of the costs necessary to upgrade, remove, or replace project tanks, including corrective actions, to meet applicable local, state, or federal standards, including, but not limited to, any design, construction, monitoring, operation, or maintenance requirements adopted pursuant to Section 25284.1, 25292.05, 25292.4, or 41954.


The board may charge a loan fee to loan applicants of up to 2 percent of the requested loan amount. The loan fee shall be deposited in the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Financing Account.


The inoperation or repeal of this chapter pursuant to Section 25299.117 shall not extinguish a loan obligation and shall not impair the deed of trust or other collateral made pursuant to this chapter or the authority of the state to pursue appropriate action for collection.


Notwithstanding Section 16304.1 of the Government Code, the board shall encumber the funds appropriated pursuant to Section 25299.109 for purposes of this section within three years of the appropriation and the board may make a disbursement in liquidation of an encumbrance before or during the three years following the last day the appropriation is available for encumbrance.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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