CA Health & Safety Code Section 25174.7


The fees provided for in Sections 25174.1 and 25205.5 do not apply to any of the following:


Hazardous wastes which result when a government agency, or its contractor, removes or remedies a release of hazardous waste in the state caused by another person.


Hazardous wastes generated or disposed of by a public agency operating a household hazardous waste collection facility in the state pursuant to Article 10.8 (commencing with Section 25218), including, but not limited to, hazardous waste received from conditionally exempt small quantity commercial generators, authorized pursuant to Section 25218.3.


Hazardous wastes generated or disposed of by local vector control agencies which have entered into a cooperative agreement pursuant to Section 116180 or by county agricultural commissioners, if the hazardous wastes result from their control or regulatory activities and if they comply with the requirements of this chapter and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.


Hazardous waste disposed of, or submitted for disposal or treatment, by any person, which is discovered and separated from solid waste as part of a load checking program.


Notwithstanding paragraph (1) of subdivision (a), any person responsible for a release of hazardous waste, which has been removed or remedied by a government agency, or its contractor, shall pay the fee pursuant to Section 25174.1.


Any person who acquires land for the sole purpose of owner-occupied single-family residential use, and who acquires that land without actual or constructive notice or knowledge that there is a tank containing hazardous waste on or under that property, is exempt from the fees imposed pursuant to Sections 25174.1, 25205.5, and 25345, in connection with the removal of the tank.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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