CA Health & Safety Code Section 17922.9


The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the provision of an adequate level of affordable housing, in and of itself, is a fundamental responsibility of the state and that a generally inadequate supply of decent, safe, and sanitary housing affordable to persons of low and moderate income threatens orderly community and regional development, including job creation, attracting new private investment, and creating the physical, economic, social, and environmental conditions to support continued growth and security of all areas of the state. The Legislature further finds and declares that many rural communities depend on mortgage financing available through the Farmers Home Administration and that the continued construction of affordable housing is a priority for the state. However, the Legislature, in requiring waiver of certain local requirements respecting adequacy of garages and carports and house size, does not endorse the restrictive Farmers Home Administration regulations that preclude financing of two-car garages and houses exceeding a maximum size. The Legislature further finds and declares that inadequate housing supplies have a negative impact on regional development and are, therefore, a matter of statewide interest and concern.


Notwithstanding any local ordinance, charter provision, or regulation to the contrary, if the applicant for a building permit for construction of a qualifying residential structure submits with the application a conditional loan commitment letter or letter of intent to finance issued by the Farmers Home Administration of the United States Department of Agriculture for the structure, the city, county, or city and county issuing the building permit shall not impose any requirement on the permit respecting the size or capacity of any appurtenant garage or carport or house size which exceeds the size or capacity that the Farmers Home Administration will finance under its then applicable regulations and policies. “Qualifying residential structure,” as used in this section, means any single-family or multifamily residential structure financed by the Farmers Home Administration and which is restricted pursuant to federal law to ownership or occupancy by households with incomes not exceeding the income criteria for persons and families of low and moderate income, as defined by Section 50093, or more restrictive income criteria.


This section does not preclude a city, county, or city and county from requiring the provision of one uncovered, paved parking space located outside the required setback and outside the driveway approach to the garage or covered parking space plus a garage or covered parking space that does not exceed the size and capacity allowed for Farmers Home Administration financing. However, this setback requirement may not exceed the setbacks applicable to single-family dwelling units in the same zoning district that have two-car garages.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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