CA Health & Safety Code Section 1596.846


The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:


The American Academy of Pediatrics, after reviewing the data from all the studies, concluded that baby walkers are dangerous and should be banned from all manufacturing, sale, and distribution in the United States.


A jury in San Mateo County, California has determined that baby walkers are inherently unsafe and are not capable of design changes in order to prevent accidents.


Citing numerous ways in which babies can be injured, Consumer Reports found that, “With a capacity to move as fast as five feet per second, a baby walker can propel your baby faster than you can rescue him.”


During the past 15 years, one particular product, a baby walker, has been shown to be associated with increasing numbers of injuries to infants, with the most recent reporting year, 1991, indicating that 27,800 children under the age of two years had to be admitted to an emergency room in the United States for injuries associated with a baby walker.


A baby walker shall not be kept or used on the premises of a child day care facility.


A “baby walker” means any article described in paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) of Section 1500.86 of Part 1500 of Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations.


Section 1596.890 shall not apply to this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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