CA Health & Safety Code Section 1344


The director may from time to time adopt, amend, and rescind any rules, forms, and orders that are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter, including rules governing applications and reports, and defining any terms, whether or not used in this chapter, insofar as the definitions are not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter. For the purpose of rules and forms, the director may classify persons and matters within the director’s jurisdiction, and may prescribe different requirements for different classes. The director may waive any requirement of any rule or form in situations where in the director’s discretion that requirement is not necessary in the public interest or for the protection of the public, subscribers, enrollees, or persons or plans subject to this chapter. The director may adopt rules consistent with federal regulations and statutes to regulate health care coverage supplementing Medicare.


The director may, by regulation, modify the wording of any notice required by this chapter for purposes of clarity, readability, and accuracy, except that a modification shall not change the substantive meaning of the notice.


The director may honor requests from interested parties for interpretive opinions.


No provision of this chapter imposing any liability applies to any act done or omitted in good faith in conformity with any rule, form, order, or written interpretive opinion of the director, or any opinion of the Attorney General, notwithstanding that the rule, form, order, or written interpretive opinion may later be amended or rescinded or be determined by judicial or other authority to be invalid for any reason.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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