CA Health & Safety Code Section 1342

It is the intent and purpose of the Legislature to promote the delivery and the quality of health and medical care to the people of the State of California who enroll in, or subscribe for the services rendered by, a health care service plan or specialized health care service plan by accomplishing all of the following:


Ensuring the continued role of the professional as the determiner of the patient’s health needs which fosters the traditional relationship of trust and confidence between the patient and the professional.


Ensuring that subscribers and enrollees are educated and informed of the benefits and services available in order to enable a rational consumer choice in the marketplace.


Prosecuting malefactors who make fraudulent solicitations or who use deceptive methods, misrepresentations, or practices which are inimical to the general purpose of enabling a rational choice for the consumer public.


Helping to ensure the best possible health care for the public at the lowest possible cost by transferring the financial risk of health care from patients to providers.


Promoting effective representation of the interests of subscribers and enrollees.


Ensuring the financial stability thereof by means of proper regulatory procedures.


Ensuring that subscribers and enrollees receive available and accessible health and medical services rendered in a manner providing continuity of care.


Ensuring that subscribers and enrollees have their grievances expeditiously and thoroughly reviewed by the department.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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