CA Health & Safety Code Section 1341


There is in state government, in the California Health and Human Services Agency, a Department of Managed Health Care that has charge of the execution of the laws of this state relating to health care service plans and the health care service plan business including, but not limited to, those laws directing the department to ensure that health care service plans provide enrollees with access to quality health care services and protect and promote the interests of enrollees.


The chief officer of the Department of Managed Health Care is the Director of the Department of Managed Health Care. The director shall be appointed by the Governor and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Governor. The director shall receive an annual salary as fixed in the Government Code. Within 15 days from the time of the director’s appointment, the director shall take and subscribe to the constitutional oath of office and file it in the office of the Secretary of State.


The director shall be responsible for the performance of all duties, the exercise of all powers and jurisdiction, and the assumption and discharge of all responsibilities vested by law in the department. The director has and may exercise all powers necessary or convenient for the administration and enforcement of, among other laws, the laws described in subdivision (a).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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